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KONEKS, who launched its business in 1992, manufactures liners, pistons and piston pins for engines in a 10.000 m2 closed and 30.000 m2 open area facility. 9 engineers, 15 technician and 221 employees serve Koneks customers in a professional manner. Konek's manufacturing line adopted latest technology with its Japanese, German, Italian and Taiwanese origin machines. Quality control is done with the latest technology precision machines in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Koneks is able to produce pistons up to 160 mm diameter for automotive industry and 400 mm diameters for marine, locomotive and stationary engine types. Today, Koneks manufactures 2000 different pistons and 1800 different liners in well equipped facilities. We prepare ourselves for the future of business by combining 23 years of experience with technology and quality.


Being a reliable worldwide known trademark, best in meeting the customer’s expectations by contributing to increasing the sector’s standards in accordance with constant creative and innovative ideas without sacrificing our quality and high productivity is our mission.


Being one of the leading manufacturers in the world by increasing our competitiveness along with the total quality management, maintaining our consistency in quality and decent employment policies by investing on those matters and providing high quality sale and after sale services is our vision.



With 25 years of experience, we add strength to your power with our monthly production of more than 70,000 pistons and over 30,000 shirts in our 40,000 square meter factory.

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Koneks, who knows the importance of raw material quality ,sources its aluminum demand from world wide well known aluminum manufacturers ,and production starts with melting these aluminum ingots. Analysis ,modifications quality procedures are applied on melted raw material during casting process.

Casted parts are acquired with robotic, fully automatic and semi-automatic casting stations. Oil cooling and ring carrier integrated casting methods for pistons and centrifugal casting method for liners can be applied in our casting facilities.

Precise heat treatment processes are applied to casted parts in order to acquire required technical specifications. Koneks applies casting methods according to global quality specifications without sacrifying any quality prenciple in every step of manufacturing process.



Machining, coating, honing and assembly processes are applied to the parts that come from casting units. Casted parts are processed in precision CNC machines, latest technology round milling machines and special pin hole drilling machines.

Beside having forged steel and aluminum pistons manufacturing technology for automotive and heavy machinery industry, Koneks has the capability to produce multi-part pistons with forged steel and aluminum body. The company,in addition to its high-specification aluminum pistons processing unit and manufacturing unit for special bolts and roves for big-bore pistons, also has a strong and reliable cooperation with the manufacturers in sphero and bel-mec die casting piston industry.

Special design pin manufacturing technology, 3 sequential process with fully automatic grinding line and lapping facility serve Koneks customer.



Considering the termal expansion uniformity of product type ,surface coatings are applied to pistons and liners. Coating types are print screen, nitration-oxidation, manganese phosphate, elocsal, stannum/tin plating, iron-phopshate coatings and graphite painting.

Coating method and parameters are selected and applied carefully in order to avoid occurrence of undesired conditions on pistons, increase performance and durability of products. Parameter settings of chemical substances according to coating surface is applied by experts and modern machines to achieve magnificient result of each product.



All Koneks products are delivered to customers by passing quality, conformity and performance analysis and controls. Accuracy of casting and machining periods of products are repeated during the quality control phase. Koneks has developed quality control system without sacrifıcing its quality principles in every single step of production.

Koneks is capable of achıevıng material chemical analysis, casting micro structure control, universal hardness control, micro hardness tests and hardness depth conrol (especially for pins). Ultrasonic alpine sticking test, 100% eye control and 100% precision dimension controls are achieved by qualified employees with CMM machines for each batch of products.

Parts are produced from samples in our modern laboratory by applying reverse engineering techniques. Roundtest, digital height measurement, surface roughness measurement, volume measurement and coordinate measurements can be applied in our laboratory.

We guarantee our products quality by implementing DIN EN ISO 9001-2008 and TS 16949 quality standards in every phase of our production.



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