Piston, liner and ring are the most important parts working in an engine synchronously. KONEKS has been manufacturing dry and air cooled liners for any kind of vehicles since 1993.

The cylinders which are one of the motionless components of engine are the components forming the outer frame of the engine revolution and guiding to the piston running way. In some of the engines, the cylinder liner is not designed as a separate part and the engine block itself is used as cylinder surface. In each case, the tasks expected from the cylinder are the same.There are type of the cylinder to which is of water contact is called watered (wet) liner; the one not contacting water is called dry liner. The inner surface of the liner is the surface on which is the rings are frictioned that provide the sealing between the combustion room and sump. Thus; it needs to have a minimum frictioning and leaking characteristics. For this reason, the inner surfaces of the liners are honed and the honing channels are opened to in order to provide oil films and a sealing is ensured by reducing the friction. Generally lamel graphite perlyte cast iron is preferred as the liner material by evaluating the characteristics such as corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, adaptation of the engine blocks, processing capability.